The Purple Birthday Cake


A collection of original and traditional music ideally suited for children ages 1-7. All the songs are warm fun-filled educational and irresistibly infectious tunes for sophisticated tots and caring adults. Kayla’s clever musical arrangements and attractive attention-grabbing audio antics inspire the listener to participate to the outer limits of their imagination. This album was number […]

Splish Splash Kerplash!


A diverse collection of original songs featuring colourful arrangements, powerful instrumentation and wonderful song writing- all supporting Kayla’s intricate guitar playing and engaging vocals. This CD is fun, jazzy, and educational! The songs are a unique mix of musical styles and themes that will repeatedly satisfy her fans – play after play! It’s a musical […]

Come Spin With Me!


A collection of 34 new and traditional Chanukah songs for the whole family. With incredibly creative diverse arrangements, superb production quality, clever catchy hooks and gorgeous harmonies to support Kayla’s velvet vocals, this album brings a whole new slant to the Chanukah Holiday. It is an engaging sing-along for the whole family that captures children’s […]

Chanukah Concert


Enjoy the complete story of Chanukah told through music in this entertaining, raucous live show! Filmed at Toronto’s Leah Poslun’s Theatre, this energetic, interactive performance will entertain and educate. You’ll join Kayla as she relives the story of Chanukah, makes latkes and lights the menorah!